Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Baby Shower

Yesterday, my coworkers gave me a baby shower. It has only been 2-1/2 months since I last worked, and only a month and a half since I saw everyone, but it was nice to see those who came, doing what we do best...chit chat and eat!

I miss my coworkers more this time around than I did when I was on my last maternity leave 3 years ago. Then, I just couldn't WAIT to leave, as work and everyone associated with it was getting under my skin. I had already been working for 8 years straight by then, and I was in dire need of a break from work (vacations didn't count!). This time around, three years later, I miss the camaraderie, and even the actual work and deadlines, if you can believe it.

Cute baby clothes aside (and they are sooo cute!), it was just nice to see them, even though I felt like an outsider looking in most of the time.

Ok, back to enjoying the rest of my maternity leave....until Jan 4, 2010!


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