Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Blusche-ing: Blusche Minerals

I saw this website on Mineral Makeup Worldwide, listing many (but not all!!) MMU companies around the globe. I came across an entry on Blusche Minerals, listed as a Canadian company, so obviously I had to check it out.

After reading a positive review from trusting Shades of U and this review, why not! Samples were only 75 cents, 3 for $1.75. As my mom says, "You can't go wrong!" Right you are, Mom!

Although a Canadian company, Monica at Blusche intended for her target audience for The Philippines as there are no dominant MMU companies catering to them. When I read that in one of the reviews, I figured that SOME of her foundation colours must suit filipinos, therefore myself (I didn't fail Logic in university...LOL)

For the three samples of foundation I chose the obvious Medium Warm Creme Brulee, and chose the lighter Brazillian and darker Mocha Java to give me some custom mixing if necessary.

I figured since shipping was $3.50 for the samples, I'd add a few more items to the cart.

I bought a 3-baggie sample of Primer in Medium and a Phoebe Mineral Veil in Matte (there's a Glow formula that's more lustrous), a neutral colour, and Shelley Mineral Veil in Matte, a slightly yellow colour.

I threw in baggies of Medium Concealer, and a Yellow and a Green Corrector too.

$5.75 later (+the shipping), the samples came out to less than $1 per bag, and in Canadian dollars to boot!

I promise, this is the last thing I'm buying....this month. Oh look at that: is tomorrow the last day in January?


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