Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Hauls are Coming In!

Ok, so it's not as large as some you all out there, but it's always nice to receive anything in the mail.

So last week, I got my two hauls from Buff'd, with all the samples of foundations and powders I wanted to try. Here are the pics I promised to post.
Five foundation samples in Almond, Moccasin, Buff, Saffron, and Warm. The two bottom samples were freebies from Jenn, the owner, Cozy, an eyeshadow and a setting powder in Neutral.

Here, you can compare the colour diffs between four of them. Saffron suits me best, I think, and I ordered a full size yesterday.

Here was my second haul from Buff'd. Foundies in Caramel and Camel, an eyebrow powder in Midnight, another two free samples in Cozy (again!) and Tricky, a NARS dupe of their blush in Orgasm. Botton row: Setting Powder in Mais, Finishing Powder in Flax, a white blush in Whisper, and Illuminating Dusts in Canvas and Candlelight.

Last night, I received my ebay purchases...my UDPP and my Ben Nye's DC-01 Contour Rouge No.1. Yay! I love the Ben Nye...thanks Christiana!

The second vial is for my sis.

I think the colour turns out a little lighter here, but it's a nice brown for contouring.

And today I received my Silk Naturals package. 11 days posted from the States...that's pretty good, given it was shipped on a Friday and it's Tuesday today. It was wrapped all pretty in pink tissue:

I opened up the brushes first...ooh la la...I love the flat top. It's so dense! The fiber optic brush will be PERFECT for blush. Small enough to get on the apples of the cheeks!

Pretty dense flat top!!!

The lippies are very nice. Birthday Suit and Bliss, a Bobbie Brown clone of Brownie. Very creamy, not drying. Birthday Suit is very pigmented and much darker than I thought it would be, for a nude gloss, but it's very nice. Bliss looks like an extension of my inner lips, if that makes sense, and it a nice everyday kind of stick with still plenty of colour, with a slight pink.

I bought Climax which is a also NARS dupe of Orgasm. I should compare Buff'd's Tricky and SN's Climax together...too bad I don't have the NARS to compare with :(

The Brown Sugar eyeshadow I selected as my freebie is gorgeous! It's a rich brown with shimmering flecks of highlight. It's a very creamy feeling, not chalky. I don't know if I could use this in the daytime...it looks too sexy! :)

Same goes with the Mogul eyeshadow I got as a bonus. It's a silver white, great for the inner eyelid.

I wonder what will come in tomorrow!


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