Saturday, February 14, 2009

Real Estate...Here We Go Again...

It's for sale!

This house I was swooning over last summer is back on the market again, a little bit cheaper, but still oh-so-expensive. It's almost $1 million.

But, yes, that be the story of the market up in these neck-of-the-woods. It has everything I've been looking for in a home: 4 bedrooms upstairs, dining room, family room, 3 floors, patio, 3 car garage (looking for two, but I'll take three!), at least 2 bathrooms, a Master ensuite (with jacuzzi tub!), an island in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, close to a good school, and even a 1-bedroom suite to rent out if we want. It's perfect!

I downloaded the floor plan off the realtor's site ("yup, it's still perfect!") and - god dang it - the Realtor emails me back with a private showing tomorrow! I emailed him back, to be courteous of course, that the time he suggested wouldn't work for us...but if he could schedule one in the afternoon instead. I might as well follow through, right? I missed the Open House last summer because my kid was sleeping in the car when I chanced upon it, and besides...I could definitely not afford it then. I don't know what makes me think we can afford it now...maybe I'm just dreaming. Or maybe we can make it work...somehow?

Pinch me tomorrow...let me drool for a little while longer.

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