Sunday, February 15, 2009

Real Estate....Part II


We went to see that house this morning, and I am STILL drooling over it. It really is perfect! We wouldn't have to move (ie. downsize) until the kids are grown, and we're retired at 60, which will be when we can pay it off anyways.


Just for fun, I'll be contacting my mortgage company tomorrow to find out what we can be pre-approved for. And if it looks good, then my mortgage broker will have some ideas on how to proceed. I'm still waiting to give the go-ahead with my realtor to see if we even have the power to make an offer.

I'm getting that sick feeling in my gut like I did when we bought our current house 7 years ago. Am I sick at how much more the mortgage will be, or sick about making the commitment to change?

I almost, almost, wished I hadn't seen it in the first place. It'll continue to haunt me.


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