Friday, February 13, 2009


Nothing like finding something you knew you had but haven't enjoyed yet...

Enter my espresso machine.

When you get married, you get a barrage of useful and not-so-useful gifts. Gifts you thought you wanted and when you got them, not so much anymore. Gifts you thought would be great to have because it's pretty, but pretty isn't pretty when it's in a cupboard. And gifts you get that you didn't ask for, but got, and be gracious you got anything in the first place.

I got married 6 years ago, and have TONS of kitchen-stuff I have never used.

Again, enter my espresso machine.

My husband, who gets in these moods, decides to be Mr. Gourmet (with all the baking he does, albeit, always cookies), and he whips out the espresso machine. I did that once eons ago, "whip it out", and although I'm a Starbucks freak and love my coffee, I couldn't figure the thing out. So back in the cupboard you go!

My husband, of all people, figured it out last night. After almost 7 years in the cupboard, I figured the thing was destined for Sally Ann. Well, I must say, I had a pretty darn good cup of espresso last night, and that made me feel, well, darn good! (Given the day I had yesterday, even some tea would have sufficed...but bring on the caffeine!)

So I tried out the thing myself this morning...not bad! I managed to froth myself up some steamed milk too and enjoyed a cappuccino. In fact, I made another one and am enjoying the fruits of my labour. :)

The screaming baby sure sounds a little more distant right now...I'm in heaven, if only for a while.


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