Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eye Brushes, Anyone?

I may be slow on the ball here, but I came across a site that sells those black-barrelled Brown Faux Fur taklon brushes for, what looks like, a great deal. These are the same brushes that are found on Aromaleigh, Adorned With Grace, and Buff'd, but only stock the eye brushes. All of Kim's brushes are $4. 85 each and shipping is reasonable (at least for this Canadian!).

Shop at Kileng here!

There's a February special right now. You get 4 brushes, the Large All-Over, Pointed Sculptor, Line & Smudge, and Smudger brush in a romantic organza bag for $17. Shipping is $2 for you US folks and $3.50 for us Canucks. It's a very pretty site, complete with some tutorials on how some of these brushes can be used. There's even a cute set of bowls to pour your minerals on, ready for gift-giving too.

I'm very tempted...

For reviews, you can head to Aromaleigh. I've always wondered about these brushes, and the reviews are very positive! Aromaleigh won't ship their brushes outside the US, while AWG, while a little more pricey, includes free shipping on all orders to US and Canada.

Your choice...but happy shopping!


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