Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Diet Secret

It's not really a diet secret, or a secret in general...but I do believe it helps in in overall health and is a MUST for health-conscious people.

Everyone's heard that Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats are essential fatty acids (EFAs), meaning that our bodies cannot create these and we must obtain these from our diet. Low levels or the wrong ratio may contribute to several illnesses. But I won't go into great detail here, since I'm no expert in the field (heck, we all know how to google, right?)

Back when I took my very first actual Bootcamp in Fall '07 (the reason I started to blog in the first place, you can read my chronicles here), I was introduced to a product call Udo's Oil. I take the DHA 3-6-9 Blend, an ideal 2:1:1 ratio of unrefined of EFAs.

Here's a copy of the little blurb I have cut out and placed on my fridge, to remind me to take my Udo's:


Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are an athlete's best friend. These "fitness fats" have been shown to improve stamina and endurance, and increase development of lean muscle. Many people notice that when consuming EFAs, physical co-ordination improves, while recovery time is reduced and inflammation (especially of weight-bearing joints) decreases. A vital part of brain activity, EFAs contribute to proper nerve function, resulting in quickened reflexes, faster learning and an improved ability to focus. In addition, EFAs increase thermogenesis, allowing you to burn calories (and fat) even when at rest.

Aren't these good reasons to take your EFAs?

Here's a link of celebrity trainer, Ashley Borden, on Tyra, touting Udo's oil as a must-have.

Visit to read up on Udo Erasmus' groundbreaking work in introducing the importance of flaxseed oil over 20 years ago:

For more information on where to buy Udo's, visit the Flora website:

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Day in Vancouver

I live in a beautiful city!

This video, captured on July 25th, shows the wonder that we call Home. Time-lapsed every 5 minutes over the Burrard Street Bridge, the weather changed from calm to cloudy to thunderstorms over the course of the day, ending with the HSBC Fireworks at 10pm.

Welcome to my world!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nintendo Wii

Since my 4 year old discovered my dad owns a Nintendo Wii, we've all been playing it a litle bit more these days. It had been relegated to collecting dust, as many of my dad's toys have been (he also owns Guitar Hero, go figure!)

The Wii was marketed in getting more kids active, but technology isn't as advanced as much yet, as we can still con the Wii into thinking we're actually moving. First case in point: our neighbour down the street plays bowling on his Wii by sitting down and shaking the remote like it were a pair of dice, essentially imitating the correct movements needed to throw the bowling ball down the lane.

Second case-in-point, this video. I guess the Wii isn't all that it's cracked up to be!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help Make Miracles Happen - Buy a Blizzard August 13th, 2009

When you have kids, or at least have a little kid in your life (a niece, a nephew, a friend's kid), you know that you would do ANYTHING to help them in their time of need.

For all the great work that the BC Children's Hospital and The Miracle Network does for all the kids in our beautiful province --- I thank you!

Today, run to your DQ and buy a Blizzard and proceeds go to support these great organizations in helping our Little Heroes survive some of life's greatest challenges.

Read "scatteredmom's" heart-wrenching blog post:
Notes From the Cookie Jar

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Update - a Vacation, a Netbook, and a Baby.

All I seem to be doing is updates!

I'm finding it difficult to put in some blogging time, as I've been soooo busy lately. With a cousin's wedding, then a quick little vacation, I'm finally back home, trying to get back into Routine.

I'll have to update this post with pics, but I went to my cousin's wedding last weekend. It amazes me, how we're all getting older, us cousins are getting married and starting families and our own family traditions continuing where our parents left off. Being one of the older cousins in town (ok, the oldest one), it warms my heart to witness this all, but breaks it, because life is quickly passing by.

But enough being sappy -- it's almost 2 am and I tend to always get carried away, deeply reflecting on life when all I really need is some chocolate. :)

I just got back from beautiful Kelowna, BC. There are several (maybe only 1 or 2 major ones?) forest fires in the area, but whatever smoke and ash we noticed when we arrived last Tuesday seemed to dissipate since then, or at least we didn't notice it much.

View Larger Map

We had a great stay in a beach home we rented for the past 6 days. The place was kid-friendly, with a private sandy beach and dock, a large yard. The home was pleasantly decorated and provided more than we needed to be comfortable during our stay. If you caught my Tweets on my blog, you would have gotten some updates along the way, including my brief margarita escapades playing a horrible round of Rummy. I guess alcohol and cards don't mix well with me! But it didn't help that I was Facebooking and Twittering at the same on my netbook to pay attention to anything else!

And, yes, folks, I finally got my netbook! An Asus 1005HA-PU1X, the Premium edition. I promised myself that when I hit 130 lbs I would buy one for myself. So, preempting that I would hit the mark during or just before my vacation, I bought one, and playing around with it briefly for a week, not feeling all-deserving of it yet. But last week Tuesday, the morning I left for vacation, I hit 130 lbs! My "official" weigh-in wasn't until Thursday, but it would've been odd to lug a scale with me 300+ km across the province for a 5-sec weigh in, so I weighed myself on that Tuesday. I just hope if I did gain weight on this vacation, I've got a few more days to try and correct myself until Thursday rolls around again.

On another note, my littlest boy turned 8 months last Tuesday. That morning he learned to sit up by himself, from a lying position. Next thing you know, he'll be able to pull himself up to standing. He's already making attempts at crawling, learning to get on his hands and knees. He sorta rotates around now and makes great reaches for anything just beyond him but just hasn't taken that one knee forward to go anywhere yet.

He's growing up fast...I wish he was still a little tiny baby!

Here are some pics from this past week:

- few pics from our little tour of Mission Hill Family Estate Winery Gorgeous scenery! I bought a bottle of their Five Vineyards 2007 Pinot Grigio for us, and a Reserve 2007 Pinot Gris for my Dad. I almost bought their SLC 2005 Syrah for $45, but decided to not get all alcoholic since, technically, I'm still breastfeeding. :P

Their award-winning restaurant situated above the grassy amphitheatre, with a vineyard backdrop:

The only winery in Canada to have their own clock tower, which opens down into their cellar below:

Example of the beautiful architecture:

The family, sitting on the dock one evening:

At a waterslide park, after Mr. B ate all his oatmeal:

And, lastly, the yield from our impromptu berry-picking session, while driving home from Kelowna, we pulled over to feed Mr. B after a long-crying bout, and magically parking in front of a huge blackberry bush growing wild, as they do around here:

The perfect ending to start a new week off!