Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Blog Giveaway Win!

I'm so excited!

Yesterday I got an email from B|u3 that I won her CK One giveaway! I have never won a blog giveaway before...I'm estatic! Forty-eight people entered, and I was the lucky winner!

CK is relaunching the CK One fragrance again, with the premise of uniting everyone of race, creed, colour, with a "we are one" message. The limited edition prize I won is the iconic CK One bottle emblazoned with the "we are one" message in different languages, with a removable mp3 speaker housed in the base of the packaging. Ok, I don't have an ipod, and just my mp3 sony ericsson phone, but this is still a pretty cool win. It retails exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart for $60 CAD.

Image courtesy of

Thanks so much to Blue and her blog, Watercolour Sky for having the contest! Much love!

EDIT: Here are some pics of when I received my prize....

Here is the mp3 speaker that was included too...I should try and win an ipod somehow...

The parcel also included a grey ck t-shirt...I needed another sleep shirt. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Fault....I'm So Mad!

Dear Son,

I'm sorry, darling. You won't be able to play SportBall with your buddies because your silly mommy didn't register you in time and it's all full. I'm more mad than you are sad, and it's my fault. What was I thinking? Why didn't I register you last week? I have been so busy with your baby brother, I totally forgot. I'm sorry!

We're on the wait list, #3. Who knows, maybe they'll let more than 12 kids in the class. I hope haven't missed a session yet. You've had lots of fun there, right? I'll try and register you somewhere else, even if I have to drive far....then we can go back to the regular gym where we play.

Again, I'm sorry! Mommy won't do that again. I'm beating myself up over this...I hope you love me still, honey.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

I was Tagged!

Thanks for tagging me, Bailey !

"This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

Honoured to be tagged by Bailey ... :)

I posted my 25 Random Things earlier, but here are some new ones...

My ten things...

1. I'm a pack rat...but hate to admit it.

2. I shop online more than I do "offline".

3. None of the clothes hanging in my closet currently fit me...pregnancy weight is still hanging on.

4. I sleep in on Saturdays so that my husband HAS to make me breakfast.

5. I like listening to children's CDs rather than the radio now...well, that and I have no choice.

6. I can't eat omelettes....something about eggs and cheese together. Add ham and I dry heave. Separately, they're awesome.

7. I sometimes leave my computer on all night so I can jump on it at a moment's notice.

8. Current state of my livingroom: disaster zone.

9. I enjoy doing laundry, just not the folding and putting-away part.

10. I still haven't shredded my bills from a dozen years ago.

So, TAG, you're it! Spreading the word on other fabulous blogs worth reading...even if they've been tagged before. :)


Monday, March 23, 2009

It's in the Bag

I'm eyeing a bag that I absolutely need.

Ok, one that I absolutely WANT...but I could necessitate a need for it.

It's not the latest Madison addition to the Coach line (oh, they're so pretty!), but of all things, a diaper bag. The Lexington by Reese Li, in Black Genie pattern (photo courtesy of

What a beauty!

A dozen inside side pockets, key clip, cell phone pocket, magnetic clasp, adjustable handles, waterproof inside and out, and WIDE interior to swallow all the goods I need in there, including a laptop (which is still on my List).

Only $150.

US Dollars.


$169.99 Canadian.

Double sigh.

I guess I'll have to save up a little for this baby. Maybe I can convince myself it's an early-birthday present. After all, the longer I wait, the less use I'll get out of it.

Hmm...not a bad point....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

5 Signs You Need New Heat!

This made me laugh...only because I'm guilty and now have proof I really need another one, as I've been harping about for years.

How does yours fare? ....

5 Signs you need a new hair dryer!

Sign 1 …

You can’t remember when you bought it.

Sign 2 …

It takes you twice as long to dry your hair then it used to.

Sign 3…

You can smell smoke.

Sign 4…

It’s not running as hot as it used to.

Sign 5…

If your hair dryer doesn’t have the words ceramic or ion, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Guilty as charged!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I watched a movie a couple of days ago called Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron. As you may or may not know, Kirk Cameron, TV teen of yesteryear, has now taken a turn through the Christian circuit, starring and producing in wholesome family entertainment, spreading the good words of Jesus Christ. I'm not one to judge, and seeing that I love watching dramas, and, well, it's Kirk Cameron after all, I figured I'd sit down and watch it while everyone was asleep in the house.

Without spending so much time explaining this movie, here's a widget to fiddle around with:

It's not in theatres now, but on DVD. Some of the acting is a bit hokey, but only because some of the characters weren't played by real actors, but...

putting aside the fact I am Christian, I think this movie really leaves the movie-goer with a lot to ponder on and gives a good solid message to those who are married, or even thinking about getting married. Regardless of your faith or spirituality, it does provide round-table discussion with girlfriends, other couples, and especially your own spouse. What is love? What does it mean? How do I love? Who hasn't thought about why we're with the person we're currently with? Even the happiest and healthiest marriages have to struggle with this question, and it's the answer many couples face as they simply try to "survive" their marriage. It's definitely given this girl something to chew on!

I'm coming up on my own seven years of marriage, and although some days are struggles, there are days of bliss, but even I could take a lesson on making my marriage "fireproof". I made a date with my husband this weekend so that we could watch this movie together. Maybe we will even go so far as talk about it openly...well, I can hope. I have many faults I wish to correct, and hope that this will be a way to start correcting them and provide for open, honest discussion. I love my husband way more than I tell him, and I hope I can change that.

Funny how movies can change your life.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Silk Naturals Haul

On Thursday, I received my super-fast shipment from Silk Naturals - 9 days (given it was only first-class not priority). My small order ballooned to over $30 again!

How pretty is all came:

Here's what I got:
  • Perfect Harmony Foundation Sample Kit, contains Original Coverage Ivory plus 4 base shades in Buttery Gold, Warm Gold, Peach and Ebony, with scoop, empty 10g jar and sponge
  • Medium Coverage Ivory Kit, with scoop, empty 10g jar
  • Heavy Coverage Ivory Kit, with scoop, empty 10g jar
  • extra Ivory samples in Original and Medium Coverage
  • extra base samples in Buttery Gold and Warm Gold
  • Tinted Oil Control Primer sample
  • Oil Control Blur Finishing Powder sample
  • Tinted Perfecting Powder in Love Lure and Tempt Tryst samples
  • Sheer Bronzer in Tahiti Sweetie sample
  • Sheer Blush in Lovelace
  • Cream Eyeliner in Film Noir
  • Flavoured Lip Gloss in Breathless and Skinny Dip
  • and for free....a Cream Blush in Loverly and eyeshadow Terra, and a sample of Myst eyeshadow

I haven't tried formulating my custom foundation yet (waiting for a sunny day!) but I've tried out the lovely lip glosses. These two lippies are so nice...I like them more than Birthday Suit and Bliss.

Breathless is described on the SN website as a pink satin shimmer organic lip gloss. It's pink with a little brown in it, a neutral pink, made to look good whether you're cool or warm toned. Skinny Dip is described as a pinkie brown satin shimmer lip gloss, a medium tan colour with just a hint of pink.

SN says these two are hybrid colours: enough colour in them to almost call them a lipstick but glossy and shimmery enough to classify them more in the lip gloss category.

I love these lippies! I'm not a pink lipstick kind of girl (though, I must add, the very first lipstick I ever received was a Cover Girl frosted pink lipstick --- hey, it was the 80's!) but Breathless leaves me breathless! I like Skinny Dip over Bliss and Birthday Suit, maybe because it's got a little twist to the boring brown. I'll be buying more of these next time around.

I may hold off playing around with the foundation and the other powders I bought, until I pick up some samples of the foundation correctors Karen recently added to the website: a green colour booster for olive skin tones and a pure yellow if you need more yellow.

You see, SN's foundation is pretty ingenious, in that you mix your own foundation. There are 5 bases to choose from and you mix them with the appropriate scoops of Ivory. For instance, I might try mixing 1 scoop of Buttery Gold to about 4 scoops of Ivory and if it's too dark I can add another scoop of Ivory until I get it just right. And as I know I do have olive tones in my skin, I'll probably have to add a scoop of the olive too in there. I can't wait to start mixing...I feel like a mad scientist or something!

If I don't end up putting another order with SN soon, and I cave in to my urge to sample, I'll post my personal review on SN's Perfect Harmony foundation in a month or so.

Meanwhile....more shopping to do....Earthen Glow Minerals is having a BOGO sale that ends Tuesday night!

Hmmm, do I need more foundation?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Parallel Parking

Some people can't...really....take a look around.

Just the other day from my livingroom window, I watched a nice, black Mercedes SUV attempting to park between two cars. She had about a half-length behind and in front of her. I don't know if she pulled into the spot or actually parallelled, but she was still going at it five minutes later: I watched the clock.

Back and forth, back and forth. I actually found myself doing a play-by-play of her manoeuvres.

- Now go ahead...a little bit more.
- Turn that wheel,, not THAT way, the OTHER way!
- Stop, stop, stop, you're gonna hit that car behind you....stop, already!

Then I watched her remove her "driving shoes" and put on a pair of knee-high high-heeled boots (ooh, what kind were those?....) and she got out of the car, pulled up the collar on her beige wool car coat, and with her Gucci purse strolled away to the stores that I live close by.

Sigh. I think there should be some kind of rule that you can only buy a car based on driving experience, not how much money you have.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


At church today we had a visiting priest, Deacon Ron Jenkins, from Nova Scotia. Whenever we have one of these visiting speakers come to the parish, I always feel obligated to be a little bit more attentive and alive.

The deacon's homily drew me in. Many of these homilies I've heard from visiting priests inspire me, and this was no different. As a deacon, he's ordained not into the priesthood but to service, charity being a major life commitment. He has a passion for all things...especially candy bars. I thought that was a funny comment to make. So did he, and the more he got to thinking how many candy bars he buys, he would go and sponsor a child instead, at the cost of 1 candy bar a day.

When he sponsors a child, he would end up eventually visiting them, spending time with the child, the family, the community. He would then return home to Nova Scotia, and he'd close his eyes, see the poverty he left behind, and end up sponsoring another child.

By the end of his homily, he must have showed us pictures of at least 5 sponsored children. He invited us to come up to the altar after mass and consider sponsoring our own child; sponsor packages complete with children's profiles and photos were laying humbly on the altar steps.

So after mass, I made my way over to the front of the church and tried to find an opening in the crowd: there were so many people hovering by the altar steps that I couldn't even pick up a package to read. I could see the kids were grouped according to Country of Origin.

It's funny to think of how one picks a sponsor child: How do you prefer someone from Africa over one from South America or Asia? Who's more deserving of your money? -- who is more impoverished over the other? Does a picture really speak a thousand words? In 5 minutes, you're supposed to select from the "limited" selection (there were about 30+ profiles available) the one kid who you want to have, potentially, a long term relationship with (though sponsorship can stop at any time...but why should it?).

I had wanted to sponsor before, but didn't know who to trust with my money. This Canadian organization, formed in 1996, is called Chalice, a Catholic Sponsorship Programme, formally called Christian Child Care International. They changed their name recently to promote the organization as a Catholic charity, and to erase confusion with all the other child sponsor programs available worldwide. The deacon had mentioned that almost 90% of the funds go straight to the children, and upon examining their financial statements online, he's right (why would he lie?). That was a big one for me...I want to give my money where it'll work for the kids and not administrative costs.

So, I wanted to pick a child, but which? The photos all pleaded for our help, anybody's, but who would I reach out to? Upon quick reflection, I wanted a girl, since I may not be so lucky as to have a little girl of my own, having already two boys. There actually weren't too many girls: mostly from India, some from Chile, or Guatamala. There was one pretty looking girl from the Ukraine. Ukraine? Are they an impoverished country?

The profile was of a 10-year-old girl, whose dad passed away recently, and lives with her mom and paternal grandfather. Her mom, an accountant, works little (unstable employment) and doesn't earn much. The little girl loves math and wants to be a banker one day. Her name is Khrystyna.

Apparently, Ukraine has a really high unemployment rate, and there are thousands of children orphaned as a direct result of this. And, I had to look this up, but Ukraine has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in Europe. I was going to put Khrystyna's profile back down on the altar steps, but I took it home with me, contemplating my desire to give.

Is she less deserving because she doesn't live in a clay hut in the desert? Should I ignore her plight, even though her mother has a job? Should she be denied because her skin colour isn't dark and she doesn't have to farm to make a living? These were my preconceived notions of what a sponsor child was, as portrayed so graphically on TV. But if I "return" her, what will be of the "what ifs" that'll pop up for me later? It's not like I already made contact with her, but I'll always remember her's so angelic, yet so sad.

I sometimes wonder, however honourable the cause is, if our society exploits these kids, despite anti-exploitation efforts, just to make a buck, further their own ventures, to seemingly make things "right" in this world. To put a face to the poverty most of us inadvertently ignore can't be wrong though, right? And with so many issues in our own backyards, does it matter if we do good elsewhere, where its impact may go unnoticed during our daily grind?

But despite all these debatable issues, I'm making a commitment to sponsor Khrystyna, in an effort to give back to the world, and to thank God for the blessings he has already given me in my life. If I could afford to commit to more children in this world, I would. God's given me two beautiful children already. I hope even helping one more child counts for something.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My HG last!

I finally found my HG foundation with Adorned With Grace Minerals, in Hope 4.2. Not a hint of peach or pink in it, and the perfect balance of yellow and olive. It's amazing! I even went heavy handed with application and it didn't change colour on me, like all foundations have in the past.

See? (I hadn't put on any lipstick or gloss yet....)

Here's a pic with flash:

No ashiness! Love it! It's got a creamy feel. When I swirl my brush in the bowl, it's like it already creams softly on my brush. I use a flat top brush I bought from Silk Naturals (same brush you can buy from Forever Female).

Now, this doesn't help me and my spending I've got to go buy me a full-size, and while I'm at it, probably pick up a few more items as well. I'm still waiting for my Smoothing Powder in Golden Tint from Franchesca. I'll give my thoughts on that when it comes in: it's supposed to be her version of MUFE's HD powder, but with some extra ingredients to help in adhesion, and slight tint to take off the white cast.

Meanwhile, I wonder what I'm gonna do with my Silk Naturals order coming in? I bought their Perfecting Harmony foundation kit, thinking I wasn't going to find a match with Hope 4.2 or 4.5 that I just sampled, and take it upon my own hands to custom mix my special formula. Oh well, I guess I'll just have more fun playing, as the evil scientist within me emerges.

Potty Training

Not me. My son.

We've had about two weeks, now, of successful potty-going, and I'm glad. He's turning 4 in April and he's just about to bust out of his size 6 diapers, which was the only thing keeping in the leaks at night until about 2 months ago, and since then, we were still getting more leaks than not.

We had two good nights where he didn't wet his bed at all, then after 2 nights of changing bedsheets, I gave up. So, he's wearing a pull-up at night only, and he's cool with that. I notice in the morning that he's gone in there overnight, so it can only be a good thing for this mommy that he's not complaining about wearing a pull-up.

Another accomplishment to celebrate in this household! Phew! Now I only have one bum to change around here!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Real Estate Reality

I'm slowly coming to grips with the reality of my world.

We didn't put an offer on my dream house, mainly because it would require too many coinciding events for everything to slide in place: the quick de-clutter and staging of our home for sale, actually selling our home, securing the final details of our financing, etc. Too many things to consider in such a short span, impossible to do everything perfectly. Bye, bye, house...maybe in a year or so?

I'll still be looking around for another home. We're a little cramped here, but it's cozy and our parents did fine on a lot less, so I really, really, can't complain so much.

So, for the meantime, we'll be sprucing up the the place a bit, doing some much needed touch ups and spring cleaning. I still like this little corner of the wood we're in: close to all the shops that makes a quick walk through the neighbourhood rather nice.

There's still the option of actually keeping this house and using it as a rental property while living in a second house. Of course, there would be two mortgages, but what would really matter is if the new house would suffice for us in the long run, and if it means to actually sell this old house in lieu of, then so be it. I just want to move once, and that's it!

So, not closing up shop here yet!