Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Desperate Housewife

I thought I'd take a stab at trying to be Mom of the Year by making some cookies, because I have all the time in the world to do so!

Being that a cousin of mine is a Pampered Chef consultant, I bought their Cookie Press to try out. I've always wanted one, so I got one on sale.

So, in between making lunch for my toddler and I, and listening to my other son wailing away in his crib, I mixed up a batch of the "spritz cookies" according to the enclosed recipe.

This thing comes with 16 cookie discs that will allow you to create different designs for different occasions, from pumpkins to maple leafs to christmas trees. Seeing it was just Valentines' Day, I thought I'd try my hand at making heart-shaped cookies.

So I fill this cookie press up with the dough I mixed together. It seemed a little dry, but I followed the recipe, so continued on. The way you're supposed to use the cookie press is to stand the cookie press onto a cookie sheet, press the trigger once (the contraption resembles a caulking gun) and pull the cookie press straight up, to release the dough and, voila, leave a nicely shaped cookie.

Well, if I could've videotaped my fiasco! I couldn't get the dough to come out of the press on its own, so I ended up peeling the dough off the press and configuring the dough on the sheet. I got so fed up by the time I got to the bottom of the mixing bowl, I simply was rolling them into balls in my hand and flattening them onto the sheet. I tried different discs, thinking I should start with something more simpler, but I still couldn't get it to work. I actually was getting a kick of making the heart-shaped cookies, because my first few batches were looking less like hearts and more like penises with engorged testicles...or on the flip side, boobs-on-a-string. I wished I had taken a photo of them! All lined up in a row....LOL.

But they were tasty. Think those Danish butter cookies in the blue tin, but without the decorated sugar topping. Yum. Maybe I'll give another recipe a try next time, to see if I can get away from making "tasty penises" to something more wholesome-looking.

EDIT: Here's a sample pic! LOL


  1. Cheryl,
    They don't look too bad! Madumi lang siguro utak mo! Hahahaha!
    Anyway, I think the edges are a tad overbrowned (well, in my first batch of cookies, I overbrowned all of them that they were tough and hard). Upon hubby's suggestion to shorten baking time than recommended, I ended up with just a bit browned edges, and he loved them.
    Will post the recipes (I have so far tried two -- once from manual and one from Wilton) maybe tonight.

  2. Well, there were a lot more of them....I just ate them all, but left one behind for proof! LOL Yes, I guess my mind was a little dirty, but just to see them all in a row! LOL

    I burned these a bit...but my next batch wasn't as burned, though, shape-wise, they weren't any better. I actually long for the time I made these because these turned out better than the ones I made this past Christmas for my son's concert at school: the dough was so pasty and gross, they weren't looking like anything at all, and I had to throw the batch away!

    I wish I could take cooking lessons from you but you're so far away! :)