Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weight Watching

So, I took the plunge!

I'm done "whale" watching and now am Weight Watching.

Enter: Weight Watchers Online!

Why, oh, why?

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while (registering, not the losing weight part) and I decided, "to hell with it!". I'm done trying to lose weight on my own. It ain't working! I used to be able to eat what I want, whenever I wanted, and I wouldn't gain weight. Although my metabolism wasn't the best on it's own (I exercised, at times like crazy), I still was able to maintain a 125 lb body.

Not anymore.

After having two kids, I'm so fed up with what I'm working with. I'm not talking about wider hips because of childbirth, but a wider butt that I don't recognize in the mirror. For crying out loud, I was a size 4 and now I'm an 11/12! That's just not acceptable!

TMI but, naked, I have a huge dimple in my right thigh. WTF?

So I signed up with WW Online and for $79 CDN for 3 months, I get:

* a tracking journal, for entering all my foods
* WW database of foods and their points
*a Points calculator to calculate points on foods they don't have recorded
* an online community for support
* a resource of articles
* a recipe builder, to calculate points for my own recipes

and a number of other things I haven't figured out yet. But it's a start...I've got to get moving on this!

First things first: gotta buy a new battery for my scale.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I broke my scale. It wouldn't go past 149 lbs! In fact, I didn't break it (phew!) but it just needed a new battery (For you Canadians: the President's Choice "Long Life" 9V battery lasted almost 7 years! pick some up!). Now I can confirm again with ridiculous glee that I am in fact 153 pounds of staggering blubber.

So, I'll be playing around online with my fancy, schmancy new tools to help me on my way to a beautiful, more slimmer me.

Oh, so help me, God!

Puerto Madryn 2 by flash_mx
Scale 1 by peter_w


  1. You need to edit your post, you're already beautiful! :)

    Good luck Ate - I know you can do it! :)

  2. How tall are you? I'm actually 20 lbs over my BMI.

    I wish you good luck! I also need to check my diet. I gained quite a few lbs after my 2nd son from all that fast food and milk tea bobas we had everyday when I used to work at the computer store.

    I too want to get back to what I used to be pre-2nd baby. I would love to be 125lbs again! but i'm actually shooting for 115-120lbs that's my idea BMI.

  3. Jaclyn: I'm only 5'1"...a shorty! My BMI is 29 and it should be between 18-24. If I can get back to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight of 120, I'll be very happy -- BMI of 22! I'm trying to shoot for 130 in the next 3 months, then I'll readjust my goal for 120.

    I figure I was 126 when I got pregnant again, so I guess I can't hold the extra 6 pounds against me, for now anyways!

    Jan: you're my rock!

  4. Losing weight is just sooo difficult. Do what you gotta do girl. Good luck and handle it.