Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 2nd Blog Giveaway Win

Shortly after winning my first blog giveaway with B|u3, I entered another blog giveaway, this time on Jaclyn's website, J. Rose Online, and I was one of the seven winners!

Anyways, I just received my prize the other day. I won the mascara guard and the false eyelash applicator, valued at $11. Here's the link to the announcement Jaclyn made on her website:

Here you'll even see a video of her pulling my name out of the box.

This is a pretty cool win, as I don't own either of these items. They're so cute: everything's written in Japanese. :)

I have recently found a new love for mascara and was even considering buying a mascara guard for myself, but since I'm pretty slow in applying my makeup (to which my hubby can attest to), I've been getting much better in reducing my mascara mishaps. But perhaps with this guard I'll do a better job in getting ALL my lashes coated, create less of a mess everywhere else, and speed things up a bit too.

As for the eyelash applicator, I don't own any falsies but I will, sometime. I used to think that only celebrities, drag queens and porn stars kept these in their arsenal (given the extravagant versions I've only seen, you'd forgive me for the drag queen/porn star comment). I'm not one to want to draw attention to myself, but the more beauty blogs I read, the more intrigued I am. Like clothing, there are a variety of styles of falsies available, from natural to really out-there, and what's so bad about a my-eyes-but-better look? So, the applicator may come in handy down the road, when I get the courage -- and the occasion -- to don some extra lashes, if it'll help me from looking like Tammy Faye Bakker.

Image courtesy of

So, thanks, Jaclyn, for having a giveaway! Although I didn't win some of the other cool prizes (OPI polishes, MAC items, Shisem lashes), I'm pretty happy with these items. I can't wait to put these to use!


  1. false eyelash applicator? i've never heard of that. apparently i don't read enough. congrats on your win!

  2. Crystal: Yeah, actually, me neither. In fact, I don't know even how to use it, since the whole package is in Japanese! I'll actually have to experiment with this one. :) It appears to be a "handle" of some type, and the other piece looks like a container (much like one for retainers when I had my braces!) that holds the lashes.

    I'm kinda scared to use it now! LOL

  3. Crystal: Ok, I looked a little closer at the falsies applicator. That "container" I mentioned? It's actually a little "stand" on which to place the falsie on so that you can grab it with the tweezer-like applicator.

    I used the mascara guard wonderful! So easy to use!