Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Blog Layout: Deceased!

Ok, so you're reading this and thinking, "this ain't new". But if you read my previous post, I tried to do a three-column template, and added a few new cool widgets and then found out my comments link wasn't working. I tried to edit the code, still couldn't get it to work, then noticed a few other things gone awry. Then after having saved my "current" template over and over again, I didn't know how far to go back until it was ok.

So, "ok" is here: back to the two-column layout I had before, minus all the widgets I had working to begin with! All that work for nothing!

So until I get some of my current widgets fixed, THEN I'll try another template. I was trying to go for the same "Rounders 3" layout but that wasn't working for me somehow, so I may end up with a totally different looking blog when all is said and done.


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