Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, To Be in Hot Water!

We live in a civilized nation, where freedom is a chartered right, crime is relatively controlled, and democracy prevails. The trees grow tall around us, providing us oxygen and playful scenery. Roads are being paved constantly to allow us to venture near or far with ease. Indoor plumbing is a given.

We take for granted many things that we expect to be around when we need them. I'm guilty of this too.

Case in point: my hot water tank blew this weekend, and I REALLY missed having hot water to do simple things like washing my hands.

And being a mom, you REALLY miss having hot water to do your mom-ly things.

Several problems I ran into this weekend:

* washing The Little One's diapers:

If you know me, I'm a closet environmentalist. I recycle everything like crazy -- my mom shocked me one day when she mocked me and called me The Recycle Queen...and my mom doesn't say witty things like that! -- I will walk if I can do without my car, I swore off drinking bottled water, I have an "enviroVisa" that subsidizes local environmental initiatives, and so it was natural to start cloth diapering 4 years ago when The Big Kid was born. You need hot water for the washing machine to do its thing (no, I don't know ANYBODY who hand washes those suckers....ewwww!), and I had to boil 4 huge cauldrons of water to get the load at a lukewarm temperature.

* washing my breastpump parts:

I hate sterilizing, so I don't do it often. Instead I wash and soak with really hot water. Had to boil another cauldron each time I did this.

* washing our dishes:

In retropect, I guess we could've used paper plates, but that would defeat the environmentalist in me. Lucky for me, DH washed all the loads of dishes, again heating up several cauldrons of water.

* no showers:

'nuff said. We stunk this weekend! LOL

My husband is a plumber, but that didn't do any good all weekend, since the wholesaler was closed until Tuesday (yesterday), and it was Victoria Day long weekend. He believes that the tank is still under warranty and managed to get another tank to install yesterday. So now we have LOTS of hot water! I can wash dishes with ease again, re-wash my load of diapers, and most of all, TAKE A SHOWER!

Oh, the Rime of the Ancient Mariner....
Water, water, every where!

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  1. omg it sucks that your hot water tank blew! My hot water tank broke 2 weeks ago and I rather stank that night instead of taking a cold shower LOL (shhhhh don't tell anyone hahaha)

    I will post all of the entries I get for the contest on my site! I hope you try it out :D