Friday, May 8, 2009

Do You Tweet?

Yes, I succumbed.

Why do I tweet? Well, I didn't necessarily feel that I wanted the world to know what I was doing every second of the day, but when I found out you can follow celebrities and what THEY were doing each day, that clinched it.

The first person I started to follow was Deborah Gibson, Ms. Debbie Gibson, herself. She was my '80s icon and, in some sense, still is. She will always bring me back to Da Dayz when life was simpler, filled with anonymous crushes, new loves, a black and white world. Ah, so many of her songs bring me special memories. Learning to play on my piano all her songs from her Electric Youth album. Humming Lost In Your Eyes down my high school hallways. Playing and rewinding (yes, I had her CASSETTE single!) One Hand, One Heart over and over and over again on my clunky, yellow Sony Sports Walkman (remember those?)

inside jacket pic from
Debbie Gibson's 1990 album
Anything is Possible

And so, now, I get to see what she's up to. She's recording new songs now, and doing some benefit concerts. She was even in Montreal recently. And it's really her...I recognize her use of language in her tweets (I own an autobiography she wrote early in her career). I've even sent her a couple of Direct Messages, which you can totally do with anyone on Twitter. She will read them (imagine that!), but, granted, she will probably never, ever, Direct Message me back, but maybe, she might Follow me? You never know...

Speaking of Follow-ing. If you don't get the idea of Twitter, you can post very short messages (called Tweets) about what you're up to, about anything, and you can have Followers who subscribe to these Tweets, so they get updated to what you're doing throughout the day. This morning, I had 4 Followers: 3 cousins and a fellow beauty blogger whose blog I frequent. By noon, my Following had grown to 10, the additional six Followers being strangers to me. Strangers. They don't know me, nor do I know them. But, funny, they want to follow my tweets.

Ok, granted, a couple of them WERE marketing a product, but they had a large following as well, so they weren't that creepy (one lady sells cakes and gifts, I think, while the other is marketing a really cool toddler keyboard called myPC I'm actually interested in). One person, I just started following her tweet, so she started following mine. The other 3 people...I have no idea if they're selling anything, but their tweets are kinda cryptic, so how they are interested in what I have to say when I can't say the same about me for them is beyond me.

So, there you have it. I tweet. Not often, just in bouts, but I tweet. It's faster than updating my Facebook status. You can check out my recent tweets along the sidebar here in this blog (titled At This Moment...) so you don't have to join Twitter to see what I've been up to between blog posts. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be in contact with a few celebrities out there too.

Tweet, tweet, Deborah....tweet, tweet!!!


  1. i tweet you! (i still think random tweet hook ups are creepy)

  2. it's pretty cool to see what celebs are up to daily. Though I don't think anyone would follow me, it'd just be "work, still work, still work" mon-friday lol

  3. i haven't gotten into twitter yet but am curious about it so i liked reading this, now i have an idea of what it's about. wonder which celebs i'll be following...

    and thanks for doing the tag, you look good! :)