Monday, June 1, 2009

Dreamworld Minerals Review

I don't recall having put up a review for the Dreamworld Minerals haul a few weeks back, so I thought I'd post one.

Ellamae had a 22% off sale not too long ago so I decided to pick up some samples to try out, since I heard some good reviews of her foundations and finishing powders.

Dreamworld Minerals have fantasy names taken from mythology, so the names are quite unique. If you have trouble working your way around the site, the Dreamworld Vox site is a little easier to navigate.

I ordered DW's Foundation Kit, where you get to select 6 foundations samples (saves about $1 over individual baggies). I selected Bia, Sekhmet, Sirara, Nintu, and Nammu. I might have forgotten to select the formula (there are several, but namely Luna, Cloud and Sand), so I was given Luna, which is the heaviest coverage available. I managed to also receive a sample of Nammu in Cloud, which is their mica-free, medium to heavy coverage.

Turns out that Nammu is my best shade of the bunch, and I prefer the Cloud formula for no real reason other than the minimal ingredients, as I don't think I'm allergic to mica, but if it works without it, why not? There is a colour difference between the Cloud and Luna formula in the bags: the heavier the coverage (Luna), the darker the foundation appears. Application, though, appears to come across as similar. You can see a pic of me wearing Nammu here.

Swatched on a baby wipe, as suggested by Aileen:

A rundown:
Nintu and the darker Nammu are Yellow with Olive Undertones.
Sekhmet and the darker Sirara are True Olive with Glow (a bit of youthful glitter added).
Bia is True Olive without Glow, and according to the website, may be darker than Sirara.
Demeter is Neutral with Yellow and Olive Undertones (I swatched it little heavy)

I've tried Demeter and it doesn't seem to give me a more immediate healthyness like Nammu does, probably because it's lacking the stronger yellow in my skin. Over time, it appears to suit me not too bad, but I would probably try Ina next time, a shade darker.

One day, I tried Bia on one side of my face and Nintu on the other. They both came across chaulky, probably because they were too light a shade for me. This was most apparent on my forehead, where I tend to get too much sun, and hence am a little darker there. :P

I haven't tried the Sekhmet or Sirara, as I think they would leave me looking lifeless without the yellow (why I ordered it, I don't know!).

They are creamy and go on well. Coverage is definitely medium with the Cloud formula, though you could go heavy if you wanted to, but I find it does cake too much if you do. You're probably off with Luna if you want heavier coverage. I personally didn't find too much of a difference in coverage. If I had to compare to Adorned with Grace's foundations, DW isn't AS creamy, but pretty close. I would compare Nammu closer to Yellow than Hope 4.2 is (leaning more on Olive), and I'm thinking that Nammu is more up my alley.

I also heard many, many good things about DW Creme Toppings. These are the finishing powders, and they come in several shades to complement your foundation. The samples I received were Butter, Peanut Butter, Butterscotch, Cocoa, Cafe au Lait and Angel. They contain clay and/or silica, depending on your preference. I like the clay/silica combo for my oily skin and the diffusing properties of the silica. I've read that some use these as both a primer and a finisher, and swear by the results. I haven't tried this yet, but will.

I also bought Whipped Strawberries, a Silk Finishing Powder. Gives a very light, rosier hue, like a healthy glow.

Overall, I do like Dreamworld Minerals, but I do have one comment to make that I've never come across with mineral makeup before: some of these mineral samples reek of something musty. I can't pinpoint whether it's cigarette smoke but, for example, my Angel creme topping has it, but not my Butter creme and Nammu in Cloud. I read that some minerals have an intrinsic smell to them, but I can't figure out why, for example, not all my creme toppings smell. One of the foundies I tried has the same issue, and it's only when I start to apply it can I smell it off the brush. I haven't emailed DW about this, but will if it becomes a greater issue. I'm going to give DW the benefit of the doubt, for now, and continue using at least the ones that don't smell.

In closing, Dreamworld has so many foundations, you would be sure to find your match. Swatches on the site are incomplete and often misleading so I would either email Ellamae or hunt around online to find your "shade twins". I like the creme toppings for layering over different foundations, for toning darker or lighter.

I hope this helps some folks out there. I'd like to hear your opinion if you've tried Dreamworld Minerals you have issues?


  1. i didn't detect any weird smell, but that may be because i'm just not particular about smells. i like the coverage of luna, but am still looking for my shade match. some of the ones i got in my foundation kit were way too light. i love the creme toppings- my fave is butterscotch :)

  2. MY HG finishing powder! I have full sizes of 8 shades (plus back-ups) coz I'm scared to run out of it. I do detect the earthy smell in some of my full sizes but it doesn't bother me. Some companies also have the same smell. It's from the minerals they use as ingredients. Maybe if you let it air out the smell would go away.
    I match Amenti and I use Luna formula but it doesn't cake on my face. Since it has a heavier coverage, a little is only needed.

  3. @Ida, @nikkiz: Thanks for the comments. The smell isn't horrible, just distracting, so I will definitely be giving my samples some love. :) I used the butterscotch today, under and over Nammu...not bad! I'll have to continue testing. Those creme toppings are sure addictive, huh?

    DW is closed for 3 to 4 weeks --- new website. This probably means we can look forward to a sale when she opens, just in time for the 4th of July (I'm a non-American, who loves American sales! LOL)

  4. Very informative post..I'm curious to try this brand now, however, I will wait until I receive my Lauress and Joppa samples! :) Oh and my Cory Mineral samples as well..yikes..