Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I don't know about you, but I need my coffee in the morning.

It's been a ritual of mine since my university days, guzzling cup after cup to and from class, just to make it through the day. You actually weren't anyone in class unless you had your coffee. I actually did need it, to stay awake in the complicated world of genetics and biology classes that I threw myself in. Needed it then, and still need it now.

I was a regular at my local Starbucks before my maternity leave, always stopping by for my grande Americano misto or extra-hot, non-fat, vanilla latte. I filled up my Starbucks Card so frequently, I often wondered why I just didn't slap a hundred on there and be done with it.

And, now, here I am, I can't even finish a hot coffee. I always end up staring into my half-drunk mug of cold java, yearning for another full hot mug, wondering how come I never got to finish it. Oh, yeah, I've got kids. Each evening, I vow that I will enjoy a whole mug, at a high enough temperature that won't let me cringe in grief, and the next day, it happens again, and I find myself staring at half-a-mug of worse-than-cold coffee.

Maybe one of these days I'll enjoy my coffee whole and hot!

What's your one vice that takes you through your day? The guiltier the better!


  1. I don't drink coffee but sometimes I do eat a bunch of butter cookies at work in the morning when I'm extra hungry LOL

  2. snacks definitely get me through the day, also sneaking glances at my google reader feeds helps :P

  3. @Pop Champagne: yum, butter cookies! I wish I had butter cookies waiting at work each day. Hmm, maybe not: I have no self-control!

    @Blu: Google Reader....good one! A nice indulgence!