Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Silk Naturals Haul

On Thursday, I received my super-fast shipment from Silk Naturals - 9 days (given it was only first-class not priority). My small order ballooned to over $30 again!

How pretty is all came:

Here's what I got:
  • Perfect Harmony Foundation Sample Kit, contains Original Coverage Ivory plus 4 base shades in Buttery Gold, Warm Gold, Peach and Ebony, with scoop, empty 10g jar and sponge
  • Medium Coverage Ivory Kit, with scoop, empty 10g jar
  • Heavy Coverage Ivory Kit, with scoop, empty 10g jar
  • extra Ivory samples in Original and Medium Coverage
  • extra base samples in Buttery Gold and Warm Gold
  • Tinted Oil Control Primer sample
  • Oil Control Blur Finishing Powder sample
  • Tinted Perfecting Powder in Love Lure and Tempt Tryst samples
  • Sheer Bronzer in Tahiti Sweetie sample
  • Sheer Blush in Lovelace
  • Cream Eyeliner in Film Noir
  • Flavoured Lip Gloss in Breathless and Skinny Dip
  • and for free....a Cream Blush in Loverly and eyeshadow Terra, and a sample of Myst eyeshadow

I haven't tried formulating my custom foundation yet (waiting for a sunny day!) but I've tried out the lovely lip glosses. These two lippies are so nice...I like them more than Birthday Suit and Bliss.

Breathless is described on the SN website as a pink satin shimmer organic lip gloss. It's pink with a little brown in it, a neutral pink, made to look good whether you're cool or warm toned. Skinny Dip is described as a pinkie brown satin shimmer lip gloss, a medium tan colour with just a hint of pink.

SN says these two are hybrid colours: enough colour in them to almost call them a lipstick but glossy and shimmery enough to classify them more in the lip gloss category.

I love these lippies! I'm not a pink lipstick kind of girl (though, I must add, the very first lipstick I ever received was a Cover Girl frosted pink lipstick --- hey, it was the 80's!) but Breathless leaves me breathless! I like Skinny Dip over Bliss and Birthday Suit, maybe because it's got a little twist to the boring brown. I'll be buying more of these next time around.

I may hold off playing around with the foundation and the other powders I bought, until I pick up some samples of the foundation correctors Karen recently added to the website: a green colour booster for olive skin tones and a pure yellow if you need more yellow.

You see, SN's foundation is pretty ingenious, in that you mix your own foundation. There are 5 bases to choose from and you mix them with the appropriate scoops of Ivory. For instance, I might try mixing 1 scoop of Buttery Gold to about 4 scoops of Ivory and if it's too dark I can add another scoop of Ivory until I get it just right. And as I know I do have olive tones in my skin, I'll probably have to add a scoop of the olive too in there. I can't wait to start mixing...I feel like a mad scientist or something!

If I don't end up putting another order with SN soon, and I cave in to my urge to sample, I'll post my personal review on SN's Perfect Harmony foundation in a month or so.

Meanwhile....more shopping to do....Earthen Glow Minerals is having a BOGO sale that ends Tuesday night!

Hmmm, do I need more foundation?


  1. Hi Cheryl Anne! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have sent you an email regarding your query, hope you got it. :) Nice haul from SN, you're definitely on your way to becoming an MMU addict. =D

  2. Hi Cheryl Anne!
    Since you are a beauty addict, why don't you share your finds with other Asian women. I am glad that you are part of Orientelle's community. I am sure our members would love to learn more about making your own makeup.

    How are your kids doing? My daughter is almost 2 months old and I still can't believe I am a mom!!