Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Real Estate Reality

I'm slowly coming to grips with the reality of my world.

We didn't put an offer on my dream house, mainly because it would require too many coinciding events for everything to slide in place: the quick de-clutter and staging of our home for sale, actually selling our home, securing the final details of our financing, etc. Too many things to consider in such a short span, impossible to do everything perfectly. Bye, bye, house...maybe in a year or so?

I'll still be looking around for another home. We're a little cramped here, but it's cozy and our parents did fine on a lot less, so I really, really, can't complain so much.

So, for the meantime, we'll be sprucing up the the place a bit, doing some much needed touch ups and spring cleaning. I still like this little corner of the wood we're in: close to all the shops that makes a quick walk through the neighbourhood rather nice.

There's still the option of actually keeping this house and using it as a rental property while living in a second house. Of course, there would be two mortgages, but what would really matter is if the new house would suffice for us in the long run, and if it means to actually sell this old house in lieu of, then so be it. I just want to move once, and that's it!

So, not closing up shop here yet!


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