Friday, March 6, 2009

My HG last!

I finally found my HG foundation with Adorned With Grace Minerals, in Hope 4.2. Not a hint of peach or pink in it, and the perfect balance of yellow and olive. It's amazing! I even went heavy handed with application and it didn't change colour on me, like all foundations have in the past.

See? (I hadn't put on any lipstick or gloss yet....)

Here's a pic with flash:

No ashiness! Love it! It's got a creamy feel. When I swirl my brush in the bowl, it's like it already creams softly on my brush. I use a flat top brush I bought from Silk Naturals (same brush you can buy from Forever Female).

Now, this doesn't help me and my spending I've got to go buy me a full-size, and while I'm at it, probably pick up a few more items as well. I'm still waiting for my Smoothing Powder in Golden Tint from Franchesca. I'll give my thoughts on that when it comes in: it's supposed to be her version of MUFE's HD powder, but with some extra ingredients to help in adhesion, and slight tint to take off the white cast.

Meanwhile, I wonder what I'm gonna do with my Silk Naturals order coming in? I bought their Perfecting Harmony foundation kit, thinking I wasn't going to find a match with Hope 4.2 or 4.5 that I just sampled, and take it upon my own hands to custom mix my special formula. Oh well, I guess I'll just have more fun playing, as the evil scientist within me emerges.

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  1. your skin is freaking glowing! i love that foundation!