Friday, March 20, 2009


I watched a movie a couple of days ago called Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron. As you may or may not know, Kirk Cameron, TV teen of yesteryear, has now taken a turn through the Christian circuit, starring and producing in wholesome family entertainment, spreading the good words of Jesus Christ. I'm not one to judge, and seeing that I love watching dramas, and, well, it's Kirk Cameron after all, I figured I'd sit down and watch it while everyone was asleep in the house.

Without spending so much time explaining this movie, here's a widget to fiddle around with:

It's not in theatres now, but on DVD. Some of the acting is a bit hokey, but only because some of the characters weren't played by real actors, but...

putting aside the fact I am Christian, I think this movie really leaves the movie-goer with a lot to ponder on and gives a good solid message to those who are married, or even thinking about getting married. Regardless of your faith or spirituality, it does provide round-table discussion with girlfriends, other couples, and especially your own spouse. What is love? What does it mean? How do I love? Who hasn't thought about why we're with the person we're currently with? Even the happiest and healthiest marriages have to struggle with this question, and it's the answer many couples face as they simply try to "survive" their marriage. It's definitely given this girl something to chew on!

I'm coming up on my own seven years of marriage, and although some days are struggles, there are days of bliss, but even I could take a lesson on making my marriage "fireproof". I made a date with my husband this weekend so that we could watch this movie together. Maybe we will even go so far as talk about it openly...well, I can hope. I have many faults I wish to correct, and hope that this will be a way to start correcting them and provide for open, honest discussion. I love my husband way more than I tell him, and I hope I can change that.

Funny how movies can change your life.


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