Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A TAX-ing Time

April is Tax Month, and I hate it.

April is supposed to be fun, easy-breezy-Cover-Girl fun. It's my birthday month. It's my son's-birthday month. Spring is either here or approaching. Taxes are the LAST thing on my mind. So, of course, it's the LAST thing I end up doing...

I just spent a whole nerve-racking day yesterday, finalizing my numbers and finding my paperwork. And to top it all off, I have a home business and counting inventory is a pain. I have this freeware inventory software I've been using and it's sooooo user-unfriendly. My numbers and totals don't match on different screens: such a pain!

Anyways, my mom picked up my papers and such and is dropping it off at the accountant's office today. I hope they can read the little notes I wrote. Trying to get all your deserved tax credits is draining! There are even commercials on TV now, showing all the tax breaks you can you use if you qualify. Yeah, you and your accountant say you qualify, but they decide ultimately during an audit. That would just totally piss me off. I'm already missing some receipts that I know qualify for sure, so I'm already getting ripped off to begin with, and if they would audit me on top of that and ask me to pay MORE taxes....

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I think that the Government goes through all this "Do your own taxes" routine so that the average taxpayer won't rob them of all their money. They provide you with all those free General forms (omitting all the useful Schedules you think you don't need), they encourage you to use ufile or Quicken and Netfile on your own. They don't want you to take your taxes to an accountant, because THEY KNOW there are shortcuts and allowances that only accountants know how to use. I'm sure of this. That's why I won't do my taxes on my own anymore. More money in pocket, that's for sure, considering the complications we have with our tax returns (employment expenses, small business, rental income, etc). I'll just pay someone who knows way more about this stuff than I do. I'll use the refund to pay him for next year's tax return! That's the Circle of Life in action!

Now, let's just hope that we don't have to pay this year! Haven't ever but there's always a first!


  1. JUST discovered the beauty of accountants?! WOMAN. You have missed out for years. They are wonderful people that I love and adore because they always give me the maximum tax refund. Glad you're doing it next year...then you'll be able to enjoy April for all that it's supposed to be.

  2. No, not JUST...only for the past four years.

    Regardless, each year is still the same, always waiting until the last minute. The only problem is that so are a lot of others at his office like me who do the same. So I've had to resort to "drop off" the past couple of years. Beating the clock is that much more difficult!