Thursday, April 9, 2009

Earthen Glow Haul

Earthen Glow Minerals had a recent BOGO sale, and I can't resist a good deal (c'mon: don't tell me you've never spent $40 at the cosmetic counter to get the $15 "Bonus Gift"?). And since I had never bought anything from this company before, I really was throwing my money to the wind, just so I can grab a deal.

I heard a lot of good things about this company, mainly reading up on posts from Aileen's blog, Shades of U. So when there was a Buy One Get One sale, I scrambled like mad, visiting forums like the Mineral Makeup Thread on FemaleNetwork, getting recommendations on shades before the sale expired.

With approval of EGM's customer service, I ordered Helena from the Olive family and Soon from the Yellow family, both in the Cover Me formula. I was recommended to get a "tweaker" in Lollie, to replace/add to Soon to take me into the summer months.

The free "tweaker" I asked for came jam-packed with powder, way more than any sample I've ever received before. It's not as yellow, as it is overall darker than Soon.

The two foundations I got are quite different from each other, Soon being drastically different than Helena. Because I have heavy yellow undertones but also evidence of olive present, I felt that they could together provide the shade I needed.

Here, I compare Soon and Helena to my current foundation, AWG's Hope 4.2 :

As you can see, Hope 4.2 is not as yellow as Soon, as it has some olive in it. I'm hoping that the right combination will yield something similar.

My FOTD, with 2/3 Soon + 1/3 Helena...

It's not a bad match, huh? The foundation is quite photogenic, with no apparent "white mask" found with many other mineral foundations. I applied a couple of layers, as I like full coverage, and it still doesn't appear cakey or give that ghost-like reflection.

I'm actually liking my EGM foundation more than my AWG foundation, despite the mixing involved. Adding the yellow Soon foundation gives my face an obvious pick-me-up not seen with Hope 4.2. But seeing I've got two very good foundations to choose from now, I'll just toggle back and forth between the two.


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