Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my's my birthday! I'm, ahem, finally 19 today! Ha...wouldn't it be nice...

But, seriously, I was looking forward to my birthday this year. I don't know why. Not looking forward to adding a number to my age, not looking forward to another grey hair (what's another one on this head of mine?), but happy to have a "it's all about me" day. I don't get too many of those the rest of the year.

The day started with my morning 3hr appointment at the spa. Yes, 3 hours! It was a gift from my husband. I found this wonderful spa a couple of years ago, Perfect Health Spa, that had the most reasonable sale on manicures and pedicures (at the time anyways), and I have since gone there several times over the years. A really cool place, with a labyrinth of rooms, where they have big screens so you can pick a DVD to watch while you're there. Anyways, DH had my sister call me up and ask "for her friend" what the name of that spa was so she can try it out. Turns out she was just helping DH get me a spa appointment. But it wasn't a real surprise as intended, since I got a "confirmation email" the night much for birthday surprises!

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Barely making it to my 10:30 appointment, I was immediately whisked away to one of the rooms for my 30 minute relaxation massage, which was very nice. Mind you, I was a tad tense for most of that session, seeing I was on my belly the whole time, and worried about my poor breasts who are still nursing The Little One (I'm sure the last massage I had while nursing years ago attributed to my poor supply issues I had). So, I was propped up with pillows on either side, above and below, to keep me comfortable, which I appreciated.

I've had massages before, yet each time I get one, I always feel stupid asking, "so, you want me to take everything off?". If I don't ask, I have this ridiculous notion in my head that one day someone will actually say, "um, you didn't have to take everything off", while I lie there on the table, almost naked, the scene playing out like a sitcom episode in my head, laugh track and all.

After the massage I get my Celebrity Manicure, a basic manicure with extras: herbal soak, arm and hand exfoliation and massage and warm towel relaxation. Meanwhile, I'm watching Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants on the screen. I chose the prettiest pink from the O.P.I palette they had, Argenteeny Pinkini. Rather cool-toned on my skin, but I like it:

Next, I had the Celebrity Pedicure, with the extras included. I forgot to ask the name of the colour I's a bright fuchsia colour pink. I took this pic when I got home later at night, all comfy in my pjs, with the sandals I wore all day:
I didn't have the time to apply my makeup in the morning before I left, so I brought everything with me, and after my pedicure, I took the time in the bathroom to apply it. I wished I brought my mini train case because I crammed everything in a little ziplock bag, brushes and mixing bowls included, and carried it around gingerly so that my mineral makeup wouldn't spill.

Because it was my birthday, the owner of the spa gave me a complimentary "A-List Membership" for the next 365 days, which would have normally cost me $36.50, allowing me something like up to 35% off any spa service. I thought that was pretty cool of her to do so, and I hope to cash in on this deal this summer, getting myself some more pedicures as the weather warms up.

After I get picked up by my chauffeur, my husband, we head over to Toys R Us to buy a present for our friend's son's 1st birthday, which we were attending their party in a couple of hours.

Stupid Alert! Funny thing happened on the rooftop parking lot of Toys R Us: DH left his driver's door open as he went to purchase a ticket, and some lady decides to back up into the stall in which our car door was blocking (there were tons of other spots open). Her rent-a-car (yes, you read right!) hit the corner of our open car door and dented her bumper pretty good, but not so much a scratch on our car. Luckily, I had come around the car by then and stopped her from doing more damage. DH came back to the car and had to bite his tongue from saying, "Are you dumb, lady?".

Anyways, on to the party we went later, chatting with friends we haven't seen in a while and with those we've seen recently, playing games, entertained by a clown (scary!), eating lots of food and cake. Not everyone there knew that I shared the same birthday as the birthday boy, but that was fine with me. My little happy secret!

By 7pm, my family met up with my mom, dad, and sis at a greek restaurant we frequent now and then. After waiting 20 minutes for a table (somebody should've made reservations!), we indulged in another feast of carbs. Here are some pics I took after dinner.

With the kids getting cranky, that was the sign to head home. After putting everyone asleep, including my DH, I have to say I had a nice birthday. The spa was great today. Good thing: I had some time alone, to be primped and prettified. Bad thing: I had some time alone, without my family. I did miss them while I was there, how silly of me to do so, but I did, like I was being selfish or something. Dinner was good with family tonight, even though it was short but sweet. I can't complain about much right now. 19 sure feels like it's going to be a great year. :)

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  1. Happy birthday Cheryl! You look gorgeous and your little one is really such a cutie!