Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clorox Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent


Not too many words out there that can make you cringe and instantly tired at the same time.

So, when I was asked to provide a review of the new Clorox Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent, I took it in stride and mustered up the energy to do 'extra' loads to test the product out.*

I've done about 15 loads of laundry so far, and it's been a great product. Smells great, everything comes out clean...what more can I say?

There is a dye- and fragrance-free free-&-clear version available too. But I like the gentle, clean-smell fragrance in the regular detergent. Both have plant-based cleasers, and it's dermatologist-tested, so my eczema-prone baby hasn't had any issues with it either. I tested a small 30-load bottle, but they apparently make a 60-load bottle for laundry fanatics too.

Everyone around is concerned with the environment and being green, and Clorox appears to want to get on the wagon.

This is the laundry ingredient list:

Water, plant-based cleaning agents (methyl ester sulfonate, alkyl polyglucoside, cocodimethyl amine oxide), glycerine, water softener (sodium citrate), plant-derived soap (oleic acid), enzyme stabilizer (boric acid), natural enzymes, alkalinity builder (sodium hydroxide), fragrance with essential oils, salt, calcium chloride, biodegradable preservative, blue & yellow colorant. Contains no phosphate or bleach.

I think it's commendable that they've removed all phosphates and bleach in their detergents. And although it's a greener, more "natural" detergent, in all honesty, it's not completely green or natural. Clorox does mention it's "95% natural" so it's not making any false claims. I just think there are better alternatives out there if you're looking for 100% natural. I've used Allen's Naturally (ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Sodium Sulfate) and currently Country Save, both detergents that are wonderfully safe for the cloth diapers for the kids. Because there are enzymes in the Clorox GreenWorks Natural Laundry detergent, I can't use it on cloth diapers, and I'd prefer to buy just one detergent for the house instead of two.

That said, I do love the convenience of liquid detergent! In the cap, there are two levels to which you can measure the detergent for a load, Level 1 for a medium load and Level 2 for a larger load. I find even large loads (even in my extra capacity top loader) cleans well with detergent only measured up to Level 1. The 30-load bottle will only last as long if measured up to the first level, so you get your money's worth if don't use Level 2.

I'm glad I was able to test this new product out. I wouldn't have tried it otherwise. It's definitely a great contender in the line of detergents out there. I can't say it makes me want to do MORE laundry, but it makes laundry more pleasant-smelling!

I have been asked for readers to complete a survey for Matchstick. For every completed survey,they will donate $2 to The Redwood Women's Shelter, a Toronto-based safe haven for abused women and families.Thanks for your opinions!

** product was provided free-of-charge from marketing company, Matchstick, to review unbiasedly, on behalf of Clorox.


  1. Hey,

    Thanks for good review on natural laundry detergent. It really tempts me to buy one now...

  2. Hey, if you're in Canada, I'd be happy to mail you out a coupon for a free bottle. :) My Merry Christmas to you!

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