Friday, October 5, 2007

My first blog! - My 4 Weeks at Boot Camp

My adventures at surviving a daily fitness boot-camp, 5 days a week, before the sun rises at 5:30 am.

Ok, do all bloggers begin their first blog like that? As if we're embarking on this unknown road of school-girl giggles and coos? So what if I do feel like a giddy girl? My impression is that everyone blogs, and I have yet to jump on the coattails of this wondrous frivolity. Yet, as everyone seems to be video blogging more than ever, perhaps I'm still one step behind by typing my escapades.

Nonetheless, I'm here. And the reason I'm even here is because I did something ridiculous today (or yesterday - Oct 4 - fittingly, also apparently International Bloggers Day). Yes, I joined a boot camp. Not a military boot camp, though, I could probably use the discipline in my lazy life, but the notorious fitness boot camp.

Why? I'm fat. Fat?!? You've got to be kidding me, you say. You?!? If you're fat, I'm fat, you're saying. Whatever! It's all perception, my dear, and frankly, if I perceive myself to be a wide, waddling hippo, then I am.

But why boot camp? Well, on November 2nd, I leave for a Caribbean cruise. I've got a month to slim down. That's not a lot of wiggle room for a hippo like me. I considered joining the gym at work, but am I really going to get the benefits by November? Really? I'm a realist, I suppose. Yup, a realist who thinks that in one month she's going to take off the pounds that 9 months of gestation and 2-1/2 years of motherhood bestowed on her.

Should I even mention where I am right now?'s probably a no-no in women's circles, but if I don't mention numbers, there's not much of an audience grabber (unless I post pics.....). Ok, I'm 138 lbs, as of 2 days ago. I was about that, um, when I was 6 months pregnant, or so. I did reach 133 lbs at one point, but apparently somewhere along the way, my body stopped cooperating. I notice I was hungrier more often....

But that's it! I've had enough! Come Monday morning, Oct 8, I start my Road to Recovery (and no more kidding myself). Yes, I, Cheryl, will rise up early and exercise/be ambushed, every day for four weeks, at freakin' early 5:30am and sweat the pounds off and emerge.....

...what, brand new? Healthier, sure, but to what avail? Will I be less stressed, more restful, have a calmer approach to day-to-day life? Hopefully. Even if all else fails, and I'm still a stressful, angst-ridden, insomniac, at least I'll be one wearing my skinny jeans again!


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