Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boot Camp: Day 3

It was raining today. So we headed to a local school gym. Being in there gave me the creeps for the first little while. One, it's been ages since I've been in high school, and two, I had an overwhelming feeling to find a basketball and shoot a few hoops! Also, it being a Catholic boys school, I wondered if those 4 gym walls enjoyed the female companionship...but I digress....

Since it was pouring outside, we did laps around the gym and even circuited up and down and through the halls of the school. It's Cardio Wednesday, apparently, so T'ai has a deck of cards that outline certain exercises to do. So we each take a turn going up to the front, grabbing a card, saying our name and the exercise on the card. Then the obligatory, "Yay!" follows. Ugh! We did some great exercises, with quite a few of them working our abs. The one I think I hated the most was the Tripod. Pretend you're going to do a one-handed pushup, with the other hand behind your back, your back and shoulders square to the floor. There....the Tripod. Hold for 2 minutes. Yeah, fun.

Again, we alternated the running and strength training. Whenever we were at our mats, though, I began to feel nervous. T'ai kept coming around my area and eyeing me, I just knew it. Like the time we were on our backs and "reaching for the rafters", he wanted my arms straight up, not out and over my knees. Sigh, technicality. And when he asked me while I was in position, "Can I adjust you?" (What d'ya say? I'm concentrating...) and proceeded to move my arm a particular way. Or how about when we were stretching at the end of class, "You'll isolate the muscle a bit better like this...", and twists my shoulders just so. I failed to mention he picked on me yesterday too.

Is everyone else around just that much more perfect?

Then we took our group photos afterwards. I'm sure the photo of me flexing my bicep is probably not the favourite; it was probably out of position too.


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