Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Boot Camp: Day 2

There weren't too many us today. Tuesday and Thursdays are for the 5-dayers....the crazies who wanted more frequent torture. There were a total of 7, plus T'ai. It was a nice change from the big group on Monday.

It was threatening rain, however, we met at the outside location anyways. For warmup, instead of going all the way down to the track, we ran around the soccer field (artificial turf) a couple of times. Next we did some core-stabilization exercises, standing in a circle on one leg while making a two-hand pass to each other with a medium sized medicine ball. Then another lap around the field. We'd continue doing other stabilization exercises like that, alternating with a run. We tossed that medicine ball while twisting, which worked our abs. We did something similar but with bouncing a tennis to each other but catching it with one hand while still standing on one leg. Sounds pretty easy, but with the ball going fast, and trying to balance, I found it tougher than thought. My arch, particularly my left foot, was aching while balancing.

And we weren't without casualties either. I managed to knock Lucy in the face while twisting and throwing that medicine ball. I didn't realize the strength I had when I threw it. She really should've stood a lot farther than she was; I almost took out her glasses too.

For me, the challenge today was to not come in last during each of the runs....I was always 2nd last coming back. I'm not up to my usual speed yet (still working on my breathing rhythm) though I still feel so slow....even Winnie, the self-professed non-exerciser, continued to outrun me. Thank goodness for Lucy being behind me...maybe she'll someday pass me, and I'll someday pass Winnie.


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