Monday, January 26, 2009

An Update...and a New Blog

I really should have kept up with my blog....but haven't. Things have been crazy in the past, what 5 months?

First is first, I'm updating this blog to include my posts from, just so you know a little bit more about myself, and that, in fact, I have been a regular blogger, just not recently. So, if you check back often, you'll find more of my older posts flooding in, as I import my other blog in, starting from the oldest post.

Where to start? Hmmm...let's itemize some categories:

Pregnancy: I'm no longer pregnant! No, not a miscarriage...I actually gave birth in December to a 6 lb, 15 oz baby boy we named Braden Daniel. Yes, another boy...I guess I should hide the pink sleeper I brought to the hospital (I was so sure it was going to be a girl this time!). His big brother loves him dearly, though he's acting up a lot more than he used to. (And with him almost 4 years old, I fear I'll be the only mom on the planet who hasn't been able to potty train by 4!) Other than lack of sleep, and feeling fat (more on that later), I'm relatively happy and content to have another beautful baby to take care of. In regards to his "big feet"....they're a little big, but nothing that would take you aback. Maybe I'll post a pic sometime, of Braden, and not of his feet. If you want to read up on my pregnancy blog, password is vancouverbaby. I still have to post my birth story, so if you're looking for it, check again later.

re.edit. here's the pic I promised...ain't he cute?

Weight Gain: I gained 40 lbs during the pregnancy, again. It's almost 2 months later and I still have 30 lbs to lose. Not that I've been doing anything to help it along. I've used my dad's treadmill once, watched a Turbo Jams exercise video (I'm reviewing I can try it out later, when I have time!), walked around the neighbourhood a couple of times. Nothing strenuous, so obviously there will be no drastic weight loss...yet. I am, however, supporting my husband as he's on his 2nd week of P90X. Ok, it's not the same as actually doing the program, but my heart's in it, and I'll follow it sometime soon too.

House Painting: Got the house painted a muted heritage green with "beigey" trim and dark red doors. Looks like a heritage house now, quite nice I think. I'll post a pic if anyone wants to see it.

Photography: I haven't done much with my Canon 20D. I received a 50mm prime lens for Christmas from my sis and bro, and practiced a bit with it. No serious photos taken yet. I hope the weather warms up so that I can take some nice outdoor shots.

I thought I would have a lot more to write about the last 5 months, but I guess I don't. I swear it was more interesting than this, but I guess that's what I get for not blogging more frequently. Now that I"ve transferred my old blog over, I can "start fresh", and build this blog up to what I envisioned it to be. It will remain called "The Mystery Of Me", because, frankly, I haven't figured myself out yet. I still hope to discover that along the way. Join me?


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