Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sephora, Sephora, How Do I Love Thee?

Vancouver's first Sephora is open Downtown!

My eyes and heart are going a-flutter and I'm still at home and not in the store!

I am so afraid to go down there, though...I'm afraid of what damage I'll do! LOL

Vancouver: Makeup Forever - Sweetspot.ca

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  1. I used to avoid going into Sephora because it was so overwhelming for a makeup addict like me :-)
    Now I can handle it a bit better. Enjoy the experience!!

  2. I'm SERIOUS!!! I think I'll have to refrain myself! I probably won't be able to resist, as I'll be going downtown tomorrow morning for my cut and colour. While I'm downtown, it would be a pain NOT to go, but would if I did.

    Maybe I'll leave my credit card at home and just bring cash? LOL...or no cash?