Friday, July 3, 2009

My BeyondTheRack Purchase!

I told myself I wasn't going to shop online for a while. I mean, I haven't even received my Cake Beauty order in yet, and now I've made another order somewhere else!

But they were handbags, so what's a girl to do?

Have you heard of Beyond The Rack? Their catchphrase is "Luxury Brands at Exclusive Prices". It's a private online shopping club for men and women for brands up to 70% off retail value. Sales vary practically daily and last only 48 hours. Membership is free, but it's by invitation only (if you want an me or leave me a comment and I'll send you an invite! Or register using my personal invitation code NCM4E08405D - copy and paste!)

I've seen Gucci sunglasses on their list recently, as well as some high-end watches, and various men's and ladies' apparel that I can't remember which label they were from. I'm so slow on the ball, that A LOT of things get sold out before I decide to check out the site (due to temptation, I try and hold out checking, but ultimately do so).

So, I'm leery on buying any clothes online, since I don't have the perfect body (surprise!) and can't judge for certain that I'm not going to look hideous in it, so I check out the site for accessories.

Well, Smash accessories are on sale right now and since I had a $15 credit (it was like I was getting the shipping and taxes free...always looking for that loophole bargain...LOL!), I selected these two bags:

Cute, huh?

They're 18" wide and 10" tall, so, unless I'm really confused this morning, they're quite generously sized. I thought I could double-duty these and use these as smaller diaper bags if I were going out somewhere close-by. I mean, it's not nearly as large as the Reese Li bag I posted about earlier, or as expensive, but it's something different and fun.

They retail for $80 each but I got the black and white bag for $32 and the second, the flower duffle bag, for $29. With my "practically free" shipping (ok, I paid "60 cents"), two bags for $61.

I did hesitate on this sale, though. It's a little harder for me to part with $60 online, although you would think it would be easier with all the online shopping I do, but for me it's harder. But put me in an actual store? I could slap that credit card down real fast! So, I got to thinking...if I were faced with these two bags in a store, at these prices, would I buy them...hell, ya! Sometimes, my reasoning skills get the best of me, and I'm not necessarily the better for them, and most certainly not the richer!

Can't wait to use these bags for summer! Must calm down now....

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  1. they are so cute. and that's a great deal you got them for :)

  2. it sounds like an awesome site and those are really pretty bags. one of them reminds me of the 70;s because of the colors. this would be really great for summer.

  3. Love the bags! They look great

  4. If you like Beyond the Rack you'll love the dozens of similar sites we talk about on Enjoy your cute bags!

  5. Fashion Invites: thanks for the link! I enjoy BTR because they ship to Canada for a reasonable rate, from within Canada. I've got a whole bunch of newsletters from other "sample sale" type kind of online stores, but either shipping is crazy or the prices on some of their items are still way out of my price league! But I'll keep checking your site to see if anything intrigues me! BTW, I am loving these bags....if I see these up for sale again, I would not hesitate!

  6. Just looked at their site since they were advertising a Coach handbag sale. They have the exact Coach bag that I bought....4 years ago and are selling it for DOUBLE the price that I paid. And yes, my bag is authentic--I bought it from a Coach store. I will never shop here. They are selling old stuff and then mark it up--boo!

  7. Anonymous: Really? That's exactly why I hesitate to buy brand name stuff online. I liked these bags I bought simply because they fit my use and the price was right -- but they're not really a popular brand. I, like you, would definitely to heading to a Coach store to buy my Coach bags. I find it hard to confirm if I'm buying authentic online. But thanks for the heads-up! I haven't bought anything since these bags, but I check every week or two to see if they have something I might need!