Saturday, February 23, 2008

5 a.m. Rude Awakenings

Tomorrow will mark the end of my second week on my crazy workout routine....only 10 more weeks after that!

The goal is to get up early in the morning and either run or lift weights, riding on the fact that 20 minutes of exercise prior to eating anything is better than an hour of activity in the afternoon. When I can't get to the gym by 5:30am, I have to hold off on breakfast, pack the kid up for daycare (after he eats, watches some TV, changes out of his pajamas....a passage that can take up to 2 hours some days), then head to the gym, which by then I'm a bit delusional on the treadmill but manage to make it though my 20 minutes.

Today was a strange day. Got up at 4;50am. I had a 45 minute workout today, which meant if I got to the gym by 5:15, I'll be able to make it back home by 6:15 so hubby can leave for work.

For the first time, the gym was completely deserted when I arrived. Being a 24 hr gym, there's usually ONE person there. Not this time. I had to turn on the lights....pretty spooky. I figured I had 15 minutes before one of the regulars came in.

Sure enough, in a couple of mnutes, in comes little Miss Terminator.

Miss Terminator is a nickname I give this lady who I see at the gym at 5:30 on most days. Tiny framed, looking a bit old for what I guess is about 48 (she's probably younger, but I don't want to give her any benefit of the doubt). Because she's on the thin side, you can see her thin biceps and deltoids. She has a thin runner's body. And her demeanor seems as cold as the pavement she probably runs on outside of the gym.

I said good morning to her when she walked in, and quite cheerfully, I might add. Did she reply back? Ok, she may have been taking a sip of water after she walked in the door, but neither did I hear her say anything after she guzzled. Pshaw! Whatever to you.

Good thing I was working on my lower body today; I was mainly using the leg press machine and not the range of free weights I use for my upper body. When working my upper body, I use a range of weights, increasing in weight but decreasing in reps performed. One day, she grabbed my 17.5 lb weights I needed (so I left them back on the mistake). The next time, I kept those 17.5 lb-ders with me and I "let her" borrow them. She didn't even say thanks.

So, note to self: no point trying to look all hot by working out and being bitchy getting there.

I did my 45 minutes and left the gym, with not even a glance or a hmph in her direction. See you Monday, Miss Terminator!

And when driving home, yes, I was driving a little like a maniac, doing 65 in a 50km zone (it was shortly after 6am, after all), I was zooming down a slight hill and some idiot decides to quickly take a left turn. I very nearly clipped this guy's rear bumper, had it not been for my quick braking and blasting my horn for 5 seconds to tell him I was pissed off. Good thing you screeched your wheels, sucker, and flew past did not want to encounter me after my Miss Terminator issue.

I was glad to reach home, in one piece. 6:15am. Another 24 hours until I do this whole thing over again.

Have Mercy!


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