Friday, July 18, 2008

Pregnancy So Far

I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow!

People have asked me how I'm doing with the pregnancy. I tell people I feel fat. More recently, now, I do feel more pregnant but every bit as fat. I'm definitely showing now, no denying it. I just hope I don't gain too much weight in the long run.

Yes, I know I'm supposed to gain weight, and "Eat For Two". But, really, folks, I'm only supposed to eat an extra 300 calories a day. What's that equivalent to? I found these yummy looking recipes that I think I"ll have to try.

My tummy fat has created a belly that now feels huge. I guess I'll have to expect to get bigger, and get used to it. Being pregnant the second time around is so different!

The first time around, you're excited about everything changing, not knowing what to expect, the fear, the joy, etc. The next time around, you just want to get it over with, and start rearing this kid NOW! Family dynamics change too, when adding an extra kid. I'd rather just start dealing with all that and not the incessant waddling that comes with being pregnant, and feeling like you've got indigestion all day, when you really don't because you haven't eaten and it's actually time to eat again.

I may not update everyone about my pregnancy here all the time, but you can go to my dedicated Babies Online website dedicated to Baby #2 here. Email me for the password.

On the exercise front, I've managed to plug into, twice, my Leisa Hart's Pregnancy Workout, and salsa-danced my way to a healthier me. I'm not there yet, ha, but I'm trying. I've gone for one 2-km walk with the family, but that probably won't happen again, at least not with them, since the last 1/4 km, my husband practically carried my 3-year-old home because he was tired walking. (who can blame him?). Maybe I'll find time to go by myself. I"m trying to remain optimistic!

Sleeping at night is a drag sometimes; sleeping on my left side ALL THE TIME is starting to take its toll. I wake up all crampy and tight. Sometimes in the morning I roll over to my right side and sigh a great relief of comfort...but only for a little while I do the same when I succumb to lying on my back for a bit. AHHH! Something about the baby having poor circulation while on my back or right side.....that just sucks! Part of the reason why I wake up in the middle of the night (like right now!) and find it difficult to go back to sleep. I got my handy ergonomic pillow between my knees to take off the minor back pain!

I can't think right now...I need a midnight snack. Ok, it's more like 2 am. Darn, I ate all my English Cream crackers, and I've got no more cream cheese. Bread? I think we're out. I think I have some watermelon that's still good. Maybe some cheese? The havarti hasn't molded, but haven't checked out the cheddar recently.

I really need to go grocery shopping!


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