Monday, July 28, 2008

House Painting

I may have mentioned earlier that I wanted to paint the outside of my house. Not me, per se, but have it done by someone else. Being in my current condition, I can't be scaling up and down ladders, so we've (ok, I've) been interviewing potential contractors for the job.

I compared 3 companies: a student-run company, a professional company, and a Joe Blow do-it-yourselfer contractor. I got the best feeling from the contractor, and the best price, and since he got recommended by a coworker (and technically, about 15 of her neighbours too), I think I'll be giving him the job.

My problem now is what to choose for colours. I've got a peachy-pink house, with some heritage detailing (octagon window, wood panelled gable) and would like to have a richer palette to reflect this.

I'll post photos once I decide and when it's finished.


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