Friday, June 27, 2008

Tub Of Lard

I'm not talking about baking, here....I'm gaining weight, fast!

I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday. Standard weigh-in and urine test.

Cut to the chase, I gained 8 pounds since my last appointment 4 weeks ago. Not good! My doctor casually asked if I had been exercising, and I gave her the usual sorry excuses: I have no time, I'm feeling tired these days, and my tendency to fight apparent nausea with a mouthful of food. Yeah, that's got to change, I know that. She said, in not so many words (but I know this is what she really wanted to say), is I'll be close to 200 pounds if I don't cut it out.


So, reflecting on this during late-night TV, I decided to get off my ass and "review" that prenatal yoga DVD I bought for the first pregnancy 4 years ago. Yeah, it's not P90X, but it's all I have at home (ok, I DO have an actual pregnancy workout DVD, but I didn't particularly feel like salsa-dancing after midnight, and expect to get an immediate good-night's rest).

I gave myself 10 minutes, then 20, then 30, then thought, just do the whole damn thing, it's not like it's strenuous!

Sure it didn't get my heart thumping, but I got some good stretches in. Something's better than nothing!

I'll be active, starting tomorrow. I'll play around with the little one to tired myself out, and then some. Yes, I say tomorrow will be Day 1, since I can't very well call today A New Day, since I did eat 2 left over smokies for lunch, had a mini 4" pizza for dinner, and I just snacked on some salty popcorm Twists.

Yes, Tomorrow......


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