Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing My New Baby.... previously-loved Canon 20D digital SLR camera!

I just love Craigslist!

I finally brought home my first digital SLR this week. After scouring the Craigslist pages, I managed to get in contact with a guy selling his fairly new 20D. It's a 3-1/2 year old model (you can't even buy it retail anymore, being replaced with the 30D, and currently the 40D), but he bought it only a year-and-a-half ago, and he wants to upgrade his camera body.

He was selling it for $450, a bit less than a few other posts, and a lot less than one particular post. $400-ish is good market-price, so I snapped it up. He kept his lenses, since he was upgrading just the body, so my search continued with the perfect lens.

I could have bought the 17-85mm lens new at about $549, but I'd still have to buy the "mandatory" accessories, like UV filter, polarizer, lens hood. Just the extra cost of all these made the $450 "take all" ad I found even more attractive.

So I met up with this other guy and went to examine the lens and accessories he was selling. Out-of-the-box new. Clean, good-looking, perfect. The lens looked great too! ;-)

I just bought an overpriced camera bag, but it's pretty so I can't complain much. I'm in the market for a flash too. I just might buy that item new, since there's a sale at a local store, and a rebate offer too. I guess I'll have to search around for more photography courses to enrol in; I've forgotten everything I learned when I took some courses on Basic Film Photography years ago. Cha-ching, add this cost also to my expensive hobby!

All this, to capture photos of the Real Baby due in December! And, of course, the rest of the family too.


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