Saturday, January 5, 2008

Towel Bar

Yes, friends, we have a towel bar!

In previous posts I may have alluded to my disappointment in unsuccessfully persuading my husband to install another towel bar in our bathroom, after my toddler decided to swing on our previous one for fun. After almost a couple of months of hanging my wet towels on the handle of our closet door in the hallway, we finally have a place to hang our towels again!

It's a rather stunning towel bar, as far as towel bars go. We got it in chrome, since most of our fixtures match, and it's a double-bar, which will bode well for the survival of our marriage.

We have a really tiny bathroom, with really only enough space for one attached towel bar. I had always taken the bar while my husband always resorted to hanging his towels behind the bathroom door, on a plastic, accordion-like hook system (installed when we bought the house, and we didn't bother taking it down). Call me anal, fussy, whatever, but I like to hang wet items up and get really teed off when I find a wet towel over my side of the bed. By the time I find this used towel, it's been few hours and it's dried, somewhat, taking on a stiffened shape of a ball. If you've ever had the pleasure of hanging up a stiff towel over a plastic knob such like we have behind our bathroom door, you too would enjoy the endless joviality of bending over again and again to pick up the towel off the floor; they refuse to stay on the hook unless wet. Many a violent time had I had with that towel and hook!

It's a tough call, actually, which I hate more, the wet towel on my bed or it falling off that plastic rack. By having a dedicated place to hang our towels once again, I'll be able to direct my husband to bring his towel to its righteous place, be it wet or dry. All order is finally restored....for now!


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