Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogging On The Go

Just testing this out...apparently I CAN blog-on-the-fly because I set up my blog for updates via email.

I think I used this service once!

I only bought my Blackberry Bold 9700 last March and I'm sure I haven't updated my blog via BB before. Prior to my smartphone, I would have had to be at a computer to email anything, and why I set my blog up to accept email updates when I could write directly in it is beyond me!

So, *whistle,whistle* this mic on? Testing...

Sent from my BlackBerry


  1. Commenting on my own blog...hehe, what a nerd!

    I love how the "Sent from my Blackberry" gets tacked on there! Gotta get rid of that....

  2. love that you're blogging again!!!