Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drunk Husbands

You probably don't have to have a husband to know what I'm talking about. Be it boyfriend, common-law or not, significant other, etc, it all boils down to the same thing: husbands and drinking don't mix, or at least shouldn't.

My husband, being of Irish/Scottish descent, can naturally drink. I'm not implying here that those of Irish descent are alcoholics, but simply they can handle their liquor....but to a point, as I can only assume everyone has a threshold.

Well, apparently last night was one of the nights my husband reached his threshold. He gets very belligerent, a word he likes to use to describe a friend of his when that guy gets drunk. He usually says that with disgust, which is terribly ironic since he's exactly the same way, but probably only worse. Last night was not an exception....oh no! Scene: add my family as an audience, you've got a conconction for raw embarrassment and extreme regret.

As much as I would just love to embarrass him in front of the world as payback for his idiotness time and time again, I won't indulge in the sordid details of his splendid drunken glory last night, specifically what happened when we arrived home. Perhaps in another post when my emotions aren't as high. Given I'm in PMS mode right now, he sure is extremely lucky I'm not blogging for vengeance but for some sort of therapy, marriage-counselling, if you will. Sympathy? Yes, please....lots of it.

Note to self: must invent pull-out bed in bathroom one day.


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