Friday, May 23, 2008

So Much For The Free Ride....

I'm in deep trouble.

I have a one hour presentation to give in 2 weeks time, to a group of strangers, my peers, and I've just started working on it tonight.

Good God!

Given what I've done so far, what, six PowerPoint slides with corresponding Notes, I'm in deep trouble. I had 6 months to work on this, and now I have 2 weeks (well, actually 1-1/2 weeks, which is when I fly out).

I feel like I'm back in university!

The national society of my profession is holding a Congress in June, at which I had promised to give a lecture. I thought, hell, I get free airfare, free accommodation, and free one-day registration to the Congress, and a Speaker's Gift, for contributing to my profession. Turns out that the provincial society, of which I'm a Board of Director, has also decided to attend the Congress, at the cost of the Society, with transportation and hotel and 4-day registration for the whole Congress. I could've gotten the whole kit and caboodle WITHOUT giving the damn lecture! And to top it off, I don't even get my one-night allowance in my own hotel room, since the Board members are bunking in pairs.

So much for the free ride! That Speaker's Gift better be a damn good gift!

T minus 8 days!


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